A Perfect Horse

Gideon is a 100% bomb-proof bay gelding who has five paces: walk, collected trot, medium trot, collected canter and medium canter.  He is ideal for riders wanting a gentle return to riding, to improve position and muscle tone and for generally keeping fit.  

This makes him ideal for nervous / novice riders as well as those who are returning to riding after injury or long break.

A saddle is provided but if you wish to use your own this is possible.  

Outside trainers and instructors are welcome.

It is possible to have a lesson on Gideon or, once you are familiar with him, to use him on your own.

Please check the price list for the latest prices.


Gideon is a Racewood Riding Simulator.


"Having ridden regularly for most of my life, it was a terrible blow to have to give up for a year due to serious illness. However, it was always my intention to return to riding as soon as I was well enough. But after such a long break, it was only to be expected that my balance, fitness, and most of all my confidence were seriously affected. On Sally’s advice, I took a few lessons on Gideon, and it wasn’t long before my confidence and balance were restored enough to enable me to get back on a real horse, and I am slowly working on improving my fitness with regular sessions on Gideon. I would definitely recommend Gideon to nervous starters, anyone returning to riding after any lengthy absence, or indeed to anyone wishing to improve any aspect of their riding skills, or even their general fitness levels. Thanks to Sally and Gideon for giving me back the confidence to ride again!" Rebecca Watkins

"Sally suggested I ride Gideon to help me regain my fitness after a three year break from riding.  My new horse was due to arrive in six weeks and I had been seeing a chiropractor every two weeks to correct a chronic pelvic instability which caused severe back, knee and ankle pain and stiffness as well as migraines. 

Once my chiropractor had established a small degree of stability, I was given the go-ahead to ride Gideon - ‘Just don’t fall off!’.  For my first ride on Gideon, Sally stood quite close beside me - I think she was worried I might slide off.  My balance was poor and my hips were very stiff.  I couldn’t move with the horse.  I rode twice a week for the six weeks and, by the end, I could ride comfortably with no stirrups through all five levels.  I saw my chiropractor after the first two weeks and she said there was a marked improvement in my pelvic stability and the movement of my muscles and joints. 

Gideon helped me get back on my horse and on the road to recovery." Debra Kotak

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