Team Witcham travelled to Sheepgate for a practice run for the Area Festival.  The weather forecast was for a wet and windy day, but Jane had seen the early morning version and reckoned that they would just get through the tests and luckily she, on this occasion, was correct.

Elementary 44

Buzz performed his usual correct and consistent test and scored 65.2% to place 2nd.  This means that he has qualified for the Sheepgate ‘Tack & Togs Championships next May.

Medium 69

This is the test that Buzz will be performing at the area competition. He was given an 8 for his entry and the judge commented that he is an obedient horse. He scored 63.03% and came 1st thus qualifying for the Sheepgate ‘Tack & Togs’ Championships at this level.


I think the Team Witcham horsebox could take itself to Fenning as we go there so often.  In fact, we are thinking of asking for our own parking slot as we like to be able to face the arenas so we have a good place to watch from.

Sally and Buzz were entered in the BD Dressage to Music Advanced Medium Class, supported by grooms Jane and Lucy and music maestro, Rebecca.

The Test

A new test pattern and music were being premiered today and this is always a risk until judges have seen it and given their verdict.  However Sally and Buzz performed up to their usual high standard in a test which involved half-pass in trot and canter, walk pirouettes and flying changes.  The judge approved and gave her a score of 67%.  Not only did they come home with a 1st place red rosette, but they also qualified for the BD Regional Finals for Advanced Medium Music!  Congratulations are in order once again for this talented team as they have now qualified for the Regional music classes at Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium.

Tea and Cake

Once again tea and cake were sampled and accorded excellent status!

Thank you

To Rebecca for the music, Lucy for helping out and Pam for lending her camcorder.  Jane would like to congratulate herself for not getting trodden on!



Team Witcham - Buzz and Fabiola ridden by Sally and groomed by Jane - had an unusually late start for today’s competition, as the first test wasn’t until 4.28PM and the last at 7.32PM.  Somehow even with all the time available beforehand, Jane still managed to be rushing around in the last five minutes before departure.  Mind you having to wash poo stains off both horses, lunge one and also ride Molly did take up some time! 

The Team was joined at Fenning by Jane’s Mum who kept an eye on the horse left in the lorry while the other was competing and told them off when they were naughty.  Fabiola likes to buck in the lorry and Buzz likes to make it rock from side to side!

Elementary Tests

Buzz competed in both Elementary classes as Sally wanted to qualify him for the Area Festival at Sheepgate in October (he has already qualified at Medium level).  This meant that he had to score a certain percentage in both tests.  In coming 2nd in both classes he achieved the necessary scores!

Dressage to Music - Novice

It was Fabiola’s turn to try to qualify, this time for the Winter Regional Finals at Novice level (she has already qualified at Elementary) and again she had to achieve a certain percentage.  They debuted their new music (thanks Rebecca!) and not only won the class but qualified as well! 

Fenning excelled themselves with cake, there were so many to choose from we couldn’t decide which to have, so yes, we did try several!

On the way home Jane noticed a pony which had escaped from its field into a cornfield.  We managed to find out who it was owned by and took a detour home to tell them.  Sally is now threatening to blindfold Jane in the lorry!

So, with also having to stop for a train at Ely, it was a tired Team Witcham which eventually arrived home rather later than expected.  However the qualifying scores made it all worthwhile.


Team Witcham were once more on their travels.  This time the team was Sally riding Fabiola and Buzz, with May and Jane along as support crew.

Novice Tests
Fabiola put her best foot forward and not only won her section in both Novice tests but also won the First Prize for the best score in both classes.  She had the highest score of the day in any of the classes. 

Sally and Jane were delighted with her in the tests but were not so impressed with her bucking antics in the lorry. 

Fabiola has now qualified for the Pet Plan Area Festival at Novice level.

Advanced Medium
This was Buzz’s first test at this level at an affiliated competition and, boy, did he enjoy himself!  He finds flying changes very exciting and earned good marks for them.  He also likes medium canter and half-pass.  Unfortunately he now finds halt, walk and trot totally boring and unnecessary.  He came out of the arena with a big smile on his face and I think Sally was smiling too!  He came 1st in his section of the class, so well done to them both.

General comments
No cake!!  Donuts instead.
Oh, and it didn’t rain.



Fabiola and Sally should have been competing in Dressage to Music classes but unfortunately Fabi was injured and unable to dance to her music.  So instead Buzz took her place and he does enjoy his dancing!  Making up Team Witcham were our friends Colin and Rebecca, along with Chief Groom and general run-around, Jane.

Grady & Janine and Fleur & Verity were also competing at Fenning today.

The day started bright and dry - a good thing as Buzz needed another session at the spa getting his legs scrubbed clean.  We then had very heavy rain showers which resulted in several riders getting soaked to the skin, and Buzz’s walk to the horsebox was also delayed as Jane didn’t want his plaits ruined before they got to the competition.  We were lucky, though, as while we were at Fenning it stayed dry.

Dressage to Music - Novice

Colin and Rebecca strutted their stuff to win the class.  Colin gained many new admirers but didn’t let this go to his head, he was much more interested in his haynet.

Dressage to Music - Elementary

Another win and red rosette for Colin!

Dressage to Music - Advanced Medium

The third win and red rosette of the day!Buzz and Sally continue to progress at the higher levels and did a pleasing test, which includes flying changes which Buzz thinks are great fun.  They present a lovely picture, which is enhanced by the music.

Tea and Cake

Well how could we go to Fenning and not have any?! 



Team Witcham - Fabiola, Sally and Jane - went to, wait for it, Queach not Fenning!!  The horsebox tried very hard to take the Fenning turn but we kicked on and went in the direction of Bury St Edmunds.

On the day of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, the weather joined in and we were soon soaking wet and stayed that way for the majority of the day.  It’s a good thing that Sally takes the time and trouble to learn the tests as Jane stood no chance of reading them as her glasses don’t have windscreen wipers.  Talking of which, Fabiola wasn’t too impressed with the judge using them on her car.

Two Novice Tests

Fabiola and Sally competed in the two Novice level tests and came home with 1st and 2nd place rosettes.  They coped admirably with the dreadful weather; Sally didn’t even put on her raincoat unlike many other competitors. 

Queach is a friendly venue and there is a lovely lady there who makes homemade pizza, pasties and cakes so we enjoyed those before heading home. 

Once there, Fabi went out in the field and Sally and Jane were left to dry out all the tack and clothing ready for the next Team Witcham outing.



On the hottest Sunday so far this year, Team Witcham went once again to their second home– Fenning Farm.

Buzz and Fabiola were off to dressage with Sally, Pam and Jane, with Jane’s Mum joining them as team supporter.  Also competing that day were our honorary team members, Colin and Rebecca.

Medium 73

Buzz and Sally were in this class to warm up for the Medium Music Qualifying class.  They performed a good test which won them the class.

Dressage to Music – Medium

Buzz and Sally needed to score 63% to qualify for the Winter Regional Finals next February!  Buzz danced brilliantly to his music and Sally rode a difficult floor plan which impressed the judge.  We were all delighted with the score – 70.33% and the first place rosette!  Well done to them and good luck next year.

Dressage to Music – Novice

Fabiola and Sally took part in this class performing to music put together by Rebecca to a floor plan devised by Sally.  Fabi hadn’t been out competing since March and was really excited to be a party again.  She was not to be outdone by Buzz and came home with her own red 1st place rosette.

As usual after the classes, the team retired to the café for refreshments.  But, horror of horrors, there was no cake!  Fortunately Jane’s Mum came to the rescue and brought some over with her – thanks Mum!

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